The Sreepur Village, Bangladesh (Shishu Polli Plus) is a small non-religious, non-political organization which funds and runs the Sreepur Women & Children's Village situated in rural Bangladesh. The Village presently houses 500 babies and children and over 100 destitute women. They provide a loving environment, food, clothing, education, and vocational training so that they can look forward to an independent adult life. The organization also provides the much under-rated feeling of being safe. The destitute women are put into groups of six, and are taught hygiene, literacy, numeracy and skills to enable them to support their families in the community. The organization also runs an outreach program into the local community. Local women attend vocational training so that they can contribute financially to the family, giving them improved financial security and enhanced status within the family unit.


Proceeds from the Scarf directly give support to the affected families in Savar. In addition, the organization is educating and helping family members set up bank accounts to help manage any incoming funds.